There are 2 general types of pain: acute and chronic. The majority of research has gone into chronic pain to give patients the information they need to learn how to cope with their condition. Acute pain is something that is experienced by a vast number of people around the world and it can be just as debilitating as chronic pain, only for a shorter period of time. In most cases acute pain will cease after 6 months, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer until the pain subsides.

Using Ice and Heat

The best way to get rid of acute pain is to take advantage of ice packs and heating packs. Depending on your injury, there is a high probability that your body is experiencing some type of inflammation, which is where hot and cold items come into play. When you apply an ice pack to the inflamed area, it helps to numb the pain while the heating pack will help to reduce inflammation over time. You’ll want to switch hot and cold out on a regular basis to promote the healthy healing of soft tissues. For example, use the ice pack on the affected area for 60 seconds and the heating pack for 60 seconds.

Improving Movement

In the past there was the notion that bed rest was the best prescription for acute pain but today we know that improving your movement can get you back to normal much faster. The inflammation that is making the acute pain unbearable will only get worse if you’re sedentary through the day. By moving, you’re promoting blood flow to all of the affected areas, which is needed to reduce swelling and to help the tissues heal themselves. All you will have to do are a few key exercises to improve your overall mobility and prevent your body from stiffening.

Pain Medications

Pain medications are incredibly useful for patients that are dealing with acute pain because you typically only need to take them for a short period of time. Whether you choose an over the counter medicine with anti-inflammatory properties or if you have a prescription for an opioid, painkillers are quite effective, especially combined with other painkillers like co-codamol 30/500 which can be bought  without a prescription in the UK from certain licensed pharmacies. If you are regularly taking the medication to alleviate pain, ensure that you do not abuse the drugs and enter drug withdrawal once you discontinue use. You should only be taking your pain medications when the pain is unbearable.