If you’ve got a first date planned and you want it to be amazing, you may rest assured that there are clever ways to prepare. When you do take the time to make all of the right preparations, you’ll dramatically boost your chances of making a great first impression!

The Guy’s Guide to a Great First Date

It all begins with planning your wardrobe, working on your personal grooming and then planning an activity that is about catering to her interests, rather than your own.

To help you get the inside scoop on how to prepare for a great first date, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Dress Tastefully and Be Immaculate

How you should dress will obviously depend on where you’re going. Let’s assume that you’ll be taking her a decent restaurant in order to start the first date off on a high note! The safest outfit will be a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie. Basically, you can’t go wrong with dark dress pants, a dress shirt in a lighter color and a sophisticated tie that isn’t too bright.

This is a classic outfit which makes a man look clean, respectable and handsome. Pale-blue is a great choice for a dress shirt – it flatters almost everyone. However, you may choose any color that works for you.

Your clothes should be freshly laundered and ironed. Polish your shoes in order to make a good impression – women definitely notice footwear so yours needs to look good.

If you and your date are more alternative in terms of how you look, you don’t need to follow this wardrobe advice. However, a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie will work well for most guys. She’ll probably wear a dress or blouse and skirt if you’re going to a good restaurant, so your outfit will complement hers. It will also show respect, as she’ll know that you put a real effort into looking good.

In terms of grooming, keep it classic and clean. Your hair should be clean, your nails should be trimmed and filed and you should definitely avoid cologne overload! If you want to wear cologne, spray it into the air in front of you and then walk into the mist! This way, you’ll get a little sexy scent without putting on too much. Women use this trick with perfume and it works so well for men’s colognes, too!

Brush, floss and gargle before you head out. Once you’ve taken care of this prep work, you’ll look your best and you’ll be as fresh and clean as possible.

Choose an Activity for Her

It’s helpful to ask her what she’d like to do on the date. If she’s too shy to give you any direction, you may want to check her online dating profile or social networking profile. See what her interests are and go from there. For example, if she’s into films, look at what she’s listed as her favorites and then see if there’s anything playing that is in the same genre. If she loves sports, consider skipping the fancy dinner and taking her out for a bit of kayaking, hiking or whatever she likes. You can grab something to eat en route or after your activity.

It’s smart to run your date plans by her a few days in advance. After all, she’ll want to prepare for the first date just like you do. She’ll want to get an idea of what she should wear and bring along.

Your good manners will earn you points with her. Before and during the date, your consideration for her feelings will resonate with her and help the two of you to create a bond.

So, always be polite. Focus on her during the date, rather than your cute waitress. Show her that she’s the reason you’re out on the town. Then, relax, talk to her and try to establish rapport.