Learning How to Deal with Acute Pain

There are 2 general types of pain: acute and chronic. The majority of research has gone into chronic pain to give patients the information they need to learn how to cope with their condition. Acute pain is something that is experienced by a vast number of people around the world and it can be just as debilitating as chronic pain, only for a shorter period of time. In most cases acute pain will cease after 6 months, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer until the pain subsides.

Using Ice and Heat

The best way to get rid of acute pain is to take advantage of ice packs and heating packs. Depending on your injury, there is a high probability that your body is experiencing some type of inflammation, which is where hot and cold items come into play. When you apply an ice pack to the inflamed area, it helps to numb the pain while the heating pack will help to reduce inflammation over time. You’ll want to switch hot and cold out on a regular basis to promote the healthy healing of soft tissues. For example, use the ice pack on the affected area for 60 seconds and the heating pack for 60 seconds.

Improving Movement

In the past there was the notion that bed rest was the best prescription for acute pain but today we know that improving your movement can get you back to normal much faster. The inflammation that is making the acute pain unbearable will only get worse if you’re sedentary through the day. By moving, you’re promoting blood flow to all of the affected areas, which is needed to reduce swelling and to help the tissues heal themselves. All you will have to do are a few key exercises to improve your overall mobility and prevent your body from stiffening.

Pain Medications

Pain medications are incredibly useful for patients that are dealing with acute pain because you typically only need to take them for a short period of time. Whether you choose an over the counter medicine with anti-inflammatory properties or if you have a prescription for an opioid, painkillers are quite effective, especially combined with other painkillers like co-codamol 30/500 which can be bought  without a prescription in the UK from certain licensed pharmacies. If you are regularly taking the medication to alleviate pain, ensure that you do not abuse the drugs and enter drug withdrawal once you discontinue use. You should only be taking your pain medications when the pain is unbearable.

The Guy’s Guide to a Great First Date

If you’ve got a first date planned and you want it to be amazing, you may rest assured that there are clever ways to prepare. When you do take the time to make all of the right preparations, you’ll dramatically boost your chances of making a great first impression!

The Guy’s Guide to a Great First Date

It all begins with planning your wardrobe, working on your personal grooming and then planning an activity that is about catering to her interests, rather than your own.

To help you get the inside scoop on how to prepare for a great first date, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Dress Tastefully and Be Immaculate

How you should dress will obviously depend on where you’re going. Let’s assume that you’ll be taking her a decent restaurant in order to start the first date off on a high note! The safest outfit will be a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie. Basically, you can’t go wrong with dark dress pants, a dress shirt in a lighter color and a sophisticated tie that isn’t too bright.

This is a classic outfit which makes a man look clean, respectable and handsome. Pale-blue is a great choice for a dress shirt – it flatters almost everyone. However, you may choose any color that works for you.

Your clothes should be freshly laundered and ironed. Polish your shoes in order to make a good impression – women definitely notice footwear so yours needs to look good.

If you and your date are more alternative in terms of how you look, you don’t need to follow this wardrobe advice. However, a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie will work well for most guys. She’ll probably wear a dress or blouse and skirt if you’re going to a good restaurant, so your outfit will complement hers. It will also show respect, as she’ll know that you put a real effort into looking good.

In terms of grooming, keep it classic and clean. Your hair should be clean, your nails should be trimmed and filed and you should definitely avoid cologne overload! If you want to wear cologne, spray it into the air in front of you and then walk into the mist! This way, you’ll get a little sexy scent without putting on too much. Women use this trick with perfume and it works so well for men’s colognes, too!

Brush, floss and gargle before you head out. Once you’ve taken care of this prep work, you’ll look your best and you’ll be as fresh and clean as possible.

Choose an Activity for Her

It’s helpful to ask her what she’d like to do on the date. If she’s too shy to give you any direction, you may want to check her online dating profile or social networking profile. See what her interests are and go from there. For example, if she’s into films, look at what she’s listed as her favorites and then see if there’s anything playing that is in the same genre. If she loves sports, consider skipping the fancy dinner and taking her out for a bit of kayaking, hiking or whatever she likes. You can grab something to eat en route or after your activity.

It’s smart to run your date plans by her a few days in advance. After all, she’ll want to prepare for the first date just like you do. She’ll want to get an idea of what she should wear and bring along.

Your good manners will earn you points with her. Before and during the date, your consideration for her feelings will resonate with her and help the two of you to create a bond.

So, always be polite. Focus on her during the date, rather than your cute waitress. Show her that she’s the reason you’re out on the town. Then, relax, talk to her and try to establish rapport.

Does ED Really Happen to Everyone Sometime?

If you have recently had a problem getting an erection, the first thing you will probably hear is “it happens to every guy.” Yes, that is probably true. But that doesn’t mean that every guy who has a problem getting or maintaining an erection has erectile dysfunction, or ED. What are some of the other reasons that could be causing you this problem? Check out these issues first:
Does ED Really Happen to Everyone Sometime

  • Stress – if you have a high stress level for many people it is nearly impossible to turn off your mind and all the thoughts that are rolling around in there. In fact, the more you try to quiet your mind and focus on sex, the more difficult it becomes.
  • Prescription drugs – do you take any medications that have side effects listed that can cause you any type of sexual dysfunction? There are so many medications on the market and along with their ability to address a physical problem come a long list of side effects and one of them could be causing you to lose your erection.
  • Your weight – being overweight can be a major factor in a waning libido. Popular actor Chris Pratt recently told interviewers that when he was 80 pounds overweight he had no interest in having sex – and he is married to the beautiful actress, Anna Faris. Having a body that is heavy certainly doesn’t make you feel sexy and it is probably more uncomfortable than anything. Additionally, obesity adds to health problems which can also affect your sexual performance.
  • Your health – even if you are not overweight you may suffer from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or heart problems that could have a bearing on your libido and your ability to get and keep an erection. Make sure that you see your doctor regularly and take your prescribed medications.
  • Exercise – if you don’t have a regular routine that includes a cardio workout, even if that means walking for 30 minutes a day, you may be in no condition to have sex. Inactivity followed by sexual activities could aggravate a heart condition that you may not even know that you have. The more in-shape you feel the happier you will be and the better you will feel about having sex.
  • Your mental health – if you are struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or bi-polar disorder, these issues could very well be affecting your sexual activities. Talk with your mental health provider and see if the medications are actually working and if they may have side effects that are causing you problems.

If you have checked all of the causes listed above and been able to rule them out as your cause for erectile dysfunction, what do you do next? Make an appointment with your doctor and discuss your problem with him. He will be able to determine if there are any other causes that could be creating or adding to this situation. Diabetes and kidney problems often have a lot to do with the blood vessels and nervous system and could possibly be part of your problem.

Once you do determine that you have erectile dysfunction, what are your options? The easiest and simple way to resolve your problems with your erection issues is to buy a medication like Viagra. While there are other medications on the market, Viagra was the first and continues to be the preferred drug of choice for erectile dysfunction.  You can ask your doctor about it or you can order it online through a reputable website online. How do you find a reputable site with more than 22 million to choose from? Check to see how long this website has been in business. You can also tell what a company is like by the testimonials of the people who have purchased products from them in the past.  Viagra is now available in the UK and the rest of Europe as generic sildenafil.  Buying it this way, as sildenafil, you get the best of both worlds.  You get the exact same ingredient as you find in Pfizer Viagra, but at an unbelievably cheap price, in other words genuine cheap viagra.

Find out if this company has a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results. Make sure you fully understand the return policy in advance so you are not surprised later. There are reputable websites that do deliver legal Viagra online and this site is one of them. You can rest assured that this site will provide you with the utmost customer service.

Get the Inside Scoop on STIs

If you’re worried about contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection),  you are right to worry. There are some serious STIs out there which no guy wants to get and the best method of prevention is undoubtedly safe sex.

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, a man will decide not to wear a condom, for whatever reason. This kind of decision may have long-lasting, negative consequences. So, it’s much smarter to play it safe and protect yourself with condoms at all times.

Get the Inside Scoop on STIs

However, you should be aware that condoms have their limitations. For example, if you’re in the habit of giving oral sex to a female partner, she’ll need to use a dental dam in order to reduce your risk of contracting an STI.

There are plenty of protective products out there – what’s important is that you understand that some STIs are transmittable via oral sex, as well as via typical or anal intercourse.

STI Information is Readily Available

Examples of STIs include Genital Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis and Chlamydia. These are just a few examples. Most health websites of authority status (such as Web MD) will offer complete listings of these infections and their symptoms. They will also offer current information about the latest treatment strategies.

While some STIs, such as HIV/AIDS and Genital Herpes, aren’t curable, they may be controlled via medication. Naturally, prevention is the best cure. This is why we can’t overstress the importance of practicing safe sex and of carefully considering the risk level of various forms of sexual contact, from oral sex to typical intercourse to anal sex.

Getting tested regularly is the best way to know your status. In addition, you may wish to ask a partner if they’ve been tested for STIs. Bear in mind that some STIs, such as HIV, often take months to show up in test results. So, tests may be deceptive in some ways. Nonetheless, getting tested every six months should allow you to take action if a problem arises…and knowing that your partner also gets tested should give you peace of mind.

Sometimes, trust is a barrier to sexual health. For example, you may trust your partner to be sexually faithful. The truth is that a lot of people do cheat, even if they’re never caught. If they don’t “play safe” during their cheating, they expose you to risks. So, trust in terms of practicing unsafe sex is really too big of a risk to take.

Those in long-term, monogamous relationships may make the choice to have unsafe sex – it’s always a personal choice.

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